p5.js How To

Babbage'sDifference Engine
Babbage's Difference
Engine (circa 1832)

This folder contains some files that may help using some P5.js features that go beyond the examples on the p5js web site. It took quite a bit of time to research and experiment to figure out these things. Hopefully they may some one else that time and effort.

Normally a sketch is just below the title and there comments below the sketch. Almost all the files give examples. Some allow the user to experiment with the concept covered.

The p5.js files have the file type .pjs. My editor has special features for different languages. It determines the language based on the file type which makes it desirable to distinguish between true Javascript .js files and p5.js files. In order to do so, the file type .pjs is being used for p5.js files.

James Brink
Revised: 3/2/2020