Feb. 12, 2010

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Dan represents a low point in Israel's history when the king of the northern kingdom set up an altar to an idol here. But its history is older. From the location of the altar one can see into both Lebanon and Syria. There is a lot of vegetation here and it may remind you of a much more temperate climate than southern Israel.

Farm on way to Dan
Above: On the way to Dan, we passed by this Israeli farm. That is an orchard just on the other side of the road.
Right: We are quite close to the Lebanese border. The trees on the North side of the road were planted to hide vehicles from Hezbollah and their guns in Lebanon.
Trees on way to Dan
Dan River in Dan Left and below: We started along a trail with views of the Dan River which is one of the three headwaters of the Jordan River. While walking a trail, we crossed many small tributaries that all come from the same spring action and join together to make the river.
Sign at the Dan Spring
Above and right: The sign marks the spring that provides water to the Dan River. However the water comes out in several places, not just the small area by the sign. The sign notes that the spring yields about 240 million cubic meters per year which is roughly 173 million gallons per day.
Dan River in Dan

Dan Spring
Path in Dan Magnify
We continued on the path (often more overgrown than this one) until we reached the ruins of the shrine.
Altar ruins in Dan Magnify
These are the remains of the shrine.
View from Dan into Lebanon Magnify View in Dan Magnify
From this site, we could see into Lebanon and Syria. The border with Lebanon cuts through the villages shown on the right.
Village wall in Dan Gate sign in Dan Magnify
Left: The walls of the ancient city of Dan. Included in those walls is a gate.
Right: A sign showing elders meeting at the city gate. It quotes a verse in Ruth chapter 4. Boaz went to the city gate and in the presence of the elders arranged to buy a piece of land from Naomi and take Ruth as his wife.
Israelite gate seat in Dan
At the gate, there is a seat apparently used by kings. The "bowl" to the right of the bottom step is one of four that served as anchors for a canopy over the seat.
Altar town down sign in Dan
This sign quotes 2 Kings 23:8 which tells how king Josiah broke down the shrines at the gates.

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