Feb. 12, 2010

After leaving Dan we proceed to Banias. Banias is the Arabic form of Panias (Arabic doesn't have a letter corresponding to "P"). A town was originally built by the Greeks in honor of their god, Pan. But at Jesus time it was known as Caesarea Philippi because Herod's son Philippus made it the seat of his rule. The spring is one of the three head waters of the Jordan River.

The river coming from the springs is known as Hermon River.

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The ruins at Banias. The following pictures are close ups of some of the things you can see in this picture. The view at Banias Magnify
At Jesus time, the spring was located in this cave but an earthquake moved the spring. Banias cave Magnify Pan Grotto sign
The sign explaining the pagans use of the cave.
Banias shine
This was a shrine to Pan.
Banias Ledges Magnify
Notice the little ledges in the rock wall.

Dam at Banias Magnify The current spring still provides lots of water.

Herman Springs Sign
Banias history sign
Click on the image to get a larger, readable view of the sign.
Artist Interpretation of Banias
An artist's impression of sanctuary of Pan.

Hermon River at resturant Magnify
We stopped at a restaurant just a little way down the Hermon River.
Hermon River Falls at resturant
The rapids at the restaurant.

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