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New Update 2.51 is Available

Uploaded 10/5/2011


While MultiEd is still a very useful text editor, unfortunately it was built on technology that can no longer be updated. The primary problem is that when using a variable spaced font, the cursor may not line up exactly with the proper character. While I use it regularly, many users will find this very disconcerting.

Should you like to try this editor, please contact me for further information.

MultiEd is a full featured text editor for Windows. It is designed to simplify editing of program source, html, INI, TXT, and other ASCII files. It may be used as an upgrade of the Windows program Notepad. Programmers may use it for editing source files when a special IDE for the language is unavailable or undesirable. It features programmable tool buttons that can be used to save a file and start a compiler or run a program. They can load hypertext pages into browsers. It also has features that assist when working with multi-file projects.

It is designed to:

MultiEd is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by the author. However, it is available to educational, nonprofit organizations, faculty and students without charge.

Language Support

It includes synttax colorings for each of the following languages. (A "coloring" means that key words are colored.) In addition, it can find classes, functions and methods in those languages whose names are bolded. Languages with tool button support are underlined.

  • MASM (Intel assembly)
  • Bat files
  • c
  • c#
  • c++
  • css
  • Delphi
  • Hypertext (HTML, XML, JNLP)
  • Initialization (.ini)
  • Java
  • JavaFX
  • JScript
  • Pascal
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Processing
  • Processing.js
  • Python
  • SQL
  • text files
  • Visual Basic
  • VDHL

Some other file types are also supported. Full support of Java, JavaFX, and MASM and other languages require appropriate compilers and assemblers. Full support of hypertext documents requires a browser.

New Features in versions 2.51

For a detailed list of features see traditional features and new features.

Downloads and links for vesion 2.51:

An example of the context sensative MultiEd toolbar:

This one is for a Java project.

New File Open File Save File Print   Multi-step undue Multi-step redue   Cut Copy Paste   Find Find matching bracket ( ) { } < > [ ] begin end Replace Goto a user specified line number   Set bookmark number 0 Find bookmark number 0   Create an index for the file Spell check a file Project Activate/New/Create/Open   DOS prompt Java compile and run Java run Create Java docs for current file Java API help documents Display a Color Mixer for Java Standard text for Java constructs Template: Standard text for file Java project compile and run Java project run Create Java docs for a project Pick a macro

Note: The right 12 tools are programmable and their functions are dependent on the file type being edited and can be changed.

To see more examples of the programmable tool buttons and for explanations of their functions, click here

Send comments, problems, suggestions or questions to They are very much appreciated. Thank you for your help.

Revised 7/22/18