Revised 4/21/2018

Day 9

Grand Cayman

April 8, 2018

After a day at sea, we arrived in George Town, Grand Caymon Island. The Caymons are part of the (British) Commonwealth of Nations. The water is very blue and clear because there are no rivers that carry sand and mud into the ocean.

Our shore excursion included: 1. A ride on a semi-submersible to view the coral reef with its fish and the remains two sunken ships. 2. The far end of the Seven Mile Beach, 3. Caymon's sea turtle farm, 4. A visit to Hell, and 5 a stop at a shop selling Grand Caymon's famous rum cakes.

Our tour guide, Love Joy (he says that is his real name) assured that there was almost no crime on the island because there is almost no place to hide and the police can out run everyone. (It kind of sounded that he knew that from personal experience.) That appeared to be the case because homes lacked bared windows and fences with cantina wire as was very common in the cites of Colon, Panama and Limon, Porta Rico. Street sales people were not evident (at least on a Sunday). It appeared that it was a safe place to visit but prices (especially gas) were quite high.

Slide 1 is a map of our trip.
Slides 2 - 4 show the George Town harbor.
Slides 5 - 18 are views of the coral, ship wreak, and fish.
Slides 19 - 24 are from our visit to the end of the Seven Mile Beach.
Slides 25 - 35 were taken on our visit to Turtle Farm.
Slides 36 - 40 show our visit to Hell.
Slides 41 - 45 were taken when returned to the ship.

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