Jim's Pens, Bowls,
and Wood Turnings

PensSept 15, 2023
BowlsFeb 17, 2024
OtherFeb 17, 2024

Bowls and Vases

Jim enjoys working on wood turnings in his shop. He bought his first lathe after moving to Beech Island. Many of his first turnings were wood pens but he is working on skills to make bowls, vases and other turning projects. This page features some of his bowls and vases.

This page uses a slide show so you will click the buttons above or below the picture to see more of his work. Initially, the slides will automatically advance automatically until you click on of the buttons to take manual control. The slides will start advancing automatically again if you click the "Start" button. Double clicking the slide window will move to next slide.

The slides are shown from the most recent to the oldest.

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