Feb. 14, 2010

The Qumran texts have become important in modern translations of the Bible. When discovered, the scrolls are moved to other sites for proper preservation.

The Magnify symbol beside some selected pictures indicates a larger image is available by clicking the symbol.

Qumran history sign Magnify
Part of a sign giving history of Qumran scrolls.
Qumran caves Magnify
You can see some caves in right half of the picture.
Qumran pottery
Some pottery discovered while excavating this site.
Qumran ruins
Qumran ritual bath Magnify
One of the ritual baths. These baths were an important part of the Essene's life.
Qumran aquaduct
Because the area only has 1/4 inch of rain per year, aqueducts, like this one, and reservoirs were extremely important.

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