Mt. Carmel

Feb. 11, 2010

Actually, Mt. Carmel is a ridge of mountains that reaches about 1700 feet above sea level. We are not quite sure where we were when we stopped at "Mt. Carmel" but it was southeast of Haifa near Daliat el Carmel and an Israeli Air Force base. (See photo on the main page or the video.) In any case, the view was great. We believe the site is currently maintained by Catholics.

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View from Mt. Carmel Magnify A view from Mt. Carmel.

Art work at Mt. Carmel Magnify
This artwork was in a building at Mt. Carmel.
A tomb on the road from Mt. Carmel
After leaving Mt. Carmel, we drove past this tomb. Notice the round stone on the left that served as a door for the tomb. This will give you some idea about stone on Jesus' tomb.

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