Jordan Observations

On this page, we will show some pictures of Jordan that don't fit nicely with any particular sites we visited. Officially, the name of the country is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The name comes from the king's family. The country is a constitutional monarchy with representative government.

Some reference links: Jordan Tourism Board official Website and Wikipedia: Jordan

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We were puzzled because almost all the homes (and many small businesses) in the southern part of Jordan had flat roofs with rebar (steel reinforcing rods) sticking out of them. When we asked our guide "Why are there were so many unfinished homes?", he told us that when they build a new home, they add the rebar so when the kids get older and need a home, they can easily build another floor above the existing level. We did see some homes with a second floor. Jordan home with rebar sticking out the roof. Magnify
Jordan homes with rebar sticking out the roofs.
Can you see the metal rods sticking out of the roof?


While traveling from Mt. Nebo to the Israel border, we came across these Bedouin tents.
Jordan Bedouin tent
and then we saw these camels
Jordan:  Camels Magnify

You will be able to tell that the video was shot from our moving bus.

Our guide told us that the Jordanian government is trying to improve the lives of the Bedouin people by helping them find permanent homes.

About 7 minutes later we came across this large flock of sheep. It is most obvious the pictures were taken from our moving bus. Please forgive the reflections in the window.
Jordan: sheep Magnify

A short video of the sheep.

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