Dead Sea

Feb. 13-14, 2010

Nearly everyone that visits Israel takes a trip to the Dead Sea so they can float in it. But a better reason to go there is to visit sites on its west bank like Masada, En Gedi, and Qumran.

The Jordanians "mine" salt from the Dead Sea. The Israelis "mine" more valuable minerals. Actually what is done is the south of the Dead Sea has evaporation pools. They let water into the pools and it evaporates. Then they harvest the minerals left behind.

They are having a problem at the Dead Sea. The water level is going down. The problem is that the Israelies take water from the Sea of Galilee for irrigation so not enough water is flowing down the Jordan into the Dead Sea. However they use the water efficiently. They only use drip irrigation systems. In at least some places they use purified sewage water. But the lower water levels are causing sink holes along the shore.

The Magnify symbol beside some selected pictures indicates a larger image is available by clicking the symbol.

Dead Sea shore Magnify
Two views of the Dead Sea Shore.
Dead Sea shore
Dead Sea from the cable car Magnify The Dead Sea from the cable car to Masada.
You can kind of see Jordan
in the background through the haze.
Sink holes
Above: The west shore of the Dead Sea.
Right: The south end of the Dead Sea at sun down. Actually this is an evaporation pool You can see the little dam allows the water in the pool to evaporate.
Dead Sea evaporation pond
Beach on a Dead Sea evaporation pond
This is the beach of the Red Sea near our hotel. Actually it is one of the evaporation pools.
Floating in the Dead Sea
This just proves that anyone, including someone who can't swim or even float in normal water, can float on the Dead Sea!
Birds outside our hotel window
We saw these two mourning doves outside our window soon after sunrise.
Birds outside our hotel window
Peacock at hotel There were a few peacocks wandering around the hotel lawn.

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