Revised 12/8/2018

Street Views

Delhi streets are rather interesting but chaotic and crowded. Some are narrow but others are 3 or 4 lanes wide in each direction. But drivers tend to ignore lane markers. While they seem to respect traffic signals, there are not many of them. Most intersections do not even have stop signs. But some how there are few accidents. Pedestrians always have the right of way (as do cows and dogs). Drivers have to concentrate 100% of the time.

As one would expect because of the British history, Indian drivers drive on the left side of the road (except when they ignore lanes).

On a typical street one may see some cars, "auto rickshaws" (three wheeled taxis) and other three wheeled small trucks, small trucks, large busses, motorcycles and scooters, 4 wheeled carts, bicycles, something I'll call "bicycle trucks" for the lack of an official name, people, cows, and wild dogs.

In Delhi, the outside of homes often appear uncared for at least by American standards but we understand the insides are normally very neat. Part of the problem is that in a city of 20 million, residential buildings are normally closely spaced and multistory with several apartments or condominiums. Sidewalks are generally in poor repair (as are many roads). It appears the city is divided into small neighborhoods. Many are fenced in and have multiple gate entrances.

We hope you find the pictures interesting and give you some idea of what the city is like. (Some of the pictures were taken from a moving car resulting in less than a perfect picture.)

The streets near the wedding venue (which was near many government offices) have a different appearance than those shown here. The sidewalks were well cared for. But I'll save pictures of those streets for another slide show.

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