Revised 12/6/2018

New Delhi Street Views

The wedding venue was in New Delhi not far from the India Gate and many government offices including the president's palace. We were able to see the India Gate at night and some government offices during a daytime walk and our ride back to the guest house. But on our walk, we took the wrong turn and never made it to the president's palace. However, on the way to a farewell dinner Thursday night, Udita's father took us past several government offices and both the governor's and prime minister's homes on a little site seeing tour. However, I had already packed my camera so there are no pictures.

There were some major differences. All the roads we saw were quite wide (several lanes). We did not see any cows or wild dogs (although one visited the wedding venue every night). The sidewalks were wide and in good repair. Strangely, Danielle felt less safe there than in the area around the guest house. Perhaps it was because around the guest house, people didn't seem to pay attention to white people but there was a lot of that in New Delhi.

We hope you find the pictures interesting and give you some idea of what the city is like. (Some of the pictures were taken from a moving car resulting in less than a perfect picture.)

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