Useful references
for HTML and CSS
Revised for HTML 5

The following list of references has been suggested by students or instructors as being useful. Should you feel that any of the references are inappropriate because they provide poor information or excessive ads or pop-ups or any other reason, please lets us know using the address at the end of the list. Also please let us know if any of the links no longer work. Thank you.

HTML and CSS sources Introductroduction th HTML5 whatwg HTML 5 specification - this document gets updated frequently W3C's official XHTM5 specification. - This document gets updated infrequently
* Looks to be a nice section on using HTML and CSS. HTML software and Resources. General information about HTML with links to other sources. Some links refer to older versions of HTML.
* Tag Reference for HTLM 5. The cheat sheet contains a listing of HTML tags. The sheet can be downloaded.

HTML, XHTML, and CSS validaters

W3C site to validate HTML pages.
W3C site to validate CCS in web pages.
W3C site to validate links in web pages.

Template page for HTML 5 If you are using a standard ASCII text editor, you can avoid typing the standard parts of a web page by copying and pasting this page and then using it to start your own webpage. You should delete the link to the style page and/or the style tags if you don't use them.

Web site building for kids References that could help kids build web sites. Some comments and additional references. Explains a number of words used while programming.

Tutorials for HTML This seems a good HTML5 tutorial.
* on using CSS with HTML. Seems to be a pretty good tutorial for HTML 4.01 but does not use the newer HTML5 HTML5 Tutorial by W3schools.

HTML colors Allows user to select the values for Red, Green, and Blue and see the results. It also shows the HTML named colors. It has links to color mixers for Java, JavaFX, Processing, and Processing.js. (The color mixer is written in Processing.js and only requires that JavaScript is enabled.) HTML 5 colors with links to other color features. Allows you to pick a color from a display and shows the various codes for it along with some lighter and darker colors.


* Describes and illustrates some common CSS properties Describes some common CSS properties. This is the same page as above but does not use any CSS. Demonstrates how style sheets can be used to change how a page looks without changing HTML Uses professionally designed style sheets to demonstrate how style sheets can be used to change how a page looks without changing HTML
* Tutorial on CSS CSS reference Suggests "safe" font-family values that work on both Windows and Mac computers. Another introduction to CSS.

Forms and Cookies Short tutorial of forms Tutorial on forms Another tutorial on forms

Download browsers Download the Mozila FireFox browser. Download Google's Chrome browser.

Information about computer related topics Provides links that explain the meaning and parts of "computer science". Short discription of several computer languages.

Additional links Many links relating to domains and HTML. Unfortunately, some of the HTML references use older versions of HTML but most modern browsers still allow obsolete versions of HTML.

Java Script Looks like a fairly complete tutorial. w3schools Javascript tutorial. p5.js is a JavaScript library for creative coding, with a focus on making coding accessible and inclusive for artists, designers, educators, beginners, and anyone else!

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