If the toneGAD display panel is too large to fit your screen especially after using the Harmonics mode, try clicking the "Reduce page size to fit screen" button.

Tone Generator and Display

A Guided Tour and Some Information About Harmonics

This page includes information about The toneGAD sketch. You may find it useful to have both pages open in your browser so you can switch back and forth between the information here and the actual sketch. Or possibly better yet, open the two pages in different browsers and arrange them side by side if your screen is wide enough.

It is my hope that this sketch might be helpful to someone to better understand wave form physics and music. Hopefully, it might encourage someone to investigate the concepts more carefully.

A guided tour

This section will acquaint you with the various controls.

How can harmonics be used to produce different pitches?

In this section, we will look at how brass instrument players take advantage of harmonics. They can even be observed on some string instruments like a guitar.

How can harmonics help enhance music?

Harmonics which are often call overtones in this context, are important in making music enjoyable to listen to.

Experiments with harmonics

We can use the program to experiment with harmonics.

Some formalities

The version, source files and author.