Path Editor for Microsoft Windows

This script allows easy editing of the Paths for Microsoft Windows by displaying each path item on individual line.

Paste the existing path here and click "Expand path":

When finished, click "Reform path" and then copy it back to Windows.


  1. Open the "Control Panel", "System", ... (clicks depend on the version of Windows) until you get to the "System Properties" dialog. Click the "Advanced" tab and then the "Environmental Variables" button. You will find two boxes, each of them has a "Path" variable.
  2. Select a "Path" variable and click "Edit..."
  3. Copy the entire "Variable value:" string. Normally the string will be already selected and shown in blue. Just press Ctrl C to copy.
  4. Paste the string into upper yellow box using Ctrl V.
  5. Click the "Expand path" button. Each item in the path will be expanded to a line in the lower text area box.
  6. Edit the path items as needed. Individual path items can be added, modified, and/or deleted.
  7. Click the "Reform path" button. The updated path will be written into the upper box. (You can make additional changes by repeating steps 6 and 7.)
  8. Normally the edited path will already be selected and shaded in blue. Use Ctrl C to copy the upper box. Use Ctrl V to paste it into the same "Variable value" text box in the "Enviromental Variables" dialog you started from. You can change the other path by repeating steps 2 to 8.
  9. Click "OK" as necessary to close the "Environmental Variables" dialog and the other "Control panel" dialogs.

Note: if an individual item is wider than editing box, it will wrap to the to the next line. That is OK as long as you don't add a "Enter" to the entry.

James Brink Send mail Bersion: 07/07/11 beta.