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HTML5 <audio> Object Demo

This page was updated 11/3/14.

When this tutorial was originally written, it was difficult to find any readable discussion of the HTML5 audio (and video) tags. This has changed. For example, a few of the available sources include:,
As a result, the discussion of the Javascript audio API has been removed from this web page because of the extreme difficulties in keeping it accurate and up to date.

Details for HTML5 <audio> and <source> tags with a demo is followed by a Javascript API demo (written in Processing.js)

The Javascript demo illustrates many of the attributes and functions. However, some items like tracks and dates are not covered completely.

This page uses the Java terminology "audio object" for what the HTML5 documentation calls "audio element".

[+/-] HTML5 Audio and Source Tags with a Demo

[+/-] The Javascript Audio API Demo

A tutorial on using the audio API in Processing.js

Revised: 11/3/14