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JavaCalc V

When Java was first designed, it was unique in that it could produce both standalone aps and applets that could be placed on web pages. But unfortunately over the years it determined that the web technology allowing applet on web pages could be used for malware. As a consequence, web browsers started placing increasing restrictions on that technology. Today, almost all browsers have dropped support for it. This unfortunately means that Java applets rarely, if ever, will work on web pages any more.

This page was designed before it became impossible to use applets on web pages. So, unfortunately, you will probably be unable to run the program on the web page. Instead you will need to download the zip file. You can run the applet using this command at a DOS prompt in the subfolder:
appletviewer JavaCalc5.html

Alternatively, you can run it as an application using its jar file by typing the following at a DOS prompt:
java JavaCalc5 -jar
In Windows, you may be able to run the ap by just double clicking on the JavaCalc5.bat file in the folder holding the files.

James Brink, July 27, 2018

An advanced scientific calculator with almost all the features of the scientific mode of the Windows calculator plus

There is just one Java program but it can be used in 2 different ways:

Because there are certain security risks posed by some Java applets and applications, in some cases you will be warned about the those risks in a manner that makes it seem more dangerous than it really is.

James Brink, retired professor
Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Pacific Lutheran University,
Tacoma, Washington

In order to run any of the following, Java must be enabled on your browser.

It possible to download the application's zip file, expand it and run the calculater directly on your computer.

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