In order to use AddMenu, you will need to download its two class files and store them in a convenient folder. The two files are AddMenu.class and NumString.class. An alternate method would be to download which includes the class files as well as all the source files needed for a two page web site. After unzipping the file into its own folder, you can create the website by preprocessing it. On a Windows computer, just double click the AddMenu.bat file. Then copy the .class files to an appropriate folder for future use.

Then you would type one of the following commands:

    java -cp AddMenu's class folder AddMenu fileNameA
    java -cp AddMenu's class folder AddMenu 

in a DOS window. The first command process the one specified source file. The fileNameA is not suffixed by the file type ".html:." but the "A" is required. The second command processes all the source files in the current folder.

The following instructions assume a Windows system because that is the only system available to the author. If someone would suggest changes for other systems, it would be greatly appreciated.

Using a .bat file stored in the website folder can greatly simplify this process by reducing the amount of typing. For example, the author stores the two java class file in the folder E:\Webmaster\AddMenu. The following trivial bat file could be used to process a ...A.html file.

java -cp  E:\Webmaster\Addmenu AddMenu %1

(DOS replaces the %1 by the specified file name.) Then all that one would need to do to preprocess the source file indexA.html to produce the publishable file index.html or to process all the source files would be to is type one of these at the DOS prompt:

   AddMenu indexA

Alternatively, if the bat file is in the same folder as the source files, one can just double click on the file in a directory window. By default, it assumes that all source files will be processed but it gives the opportunity to type the name of a particular file.

Actually the author has a programmable button in his text editor that will run the preprocessor by simply clicking the button when the desired source file is being actively edited.

The author may update the AddMenu program or its documentation occasionally. Please contact the author if you would like to be informed of any updates.

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